Casting and machining around you

LechoMBFThe bimonthly house organ written by and for all the employees of MBF Aluminium.

“The open and sincere dialogue between the company and the employees never failed in MBF Aluminium but today with our internal magazine we have the opportunity to improve our internal communication, essential to progress,” says Serena Bisacca , Marketing and Communication Director MBF Aluminium.

Indeed, internal communication helps to better understand the company’s objectives, unite around a project, develop the skills of all employees, in other words, working better advantage to meet customer requirements.

“The echo of MBF” inform about the market situation, trends, successes, the company’s life. In each edition there will be examples of satisfied customers. The expertise of a poorly-known team of the company will be highlighted. There will put forward a work unit, a collaborator in his life outside work. There will be space for testimonies, interviews, feedback, information useful for personal life.

The new house organ wants to be another demonstration of consistent and sustainable progress of MBF Aluminium, which has major projects that it will develop the next 3 years with new investments.