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P_LOGO_ISO50001_3It is universally recognized that our future will be influenced by the world’s energy use. How a company manages energy can help immediately to achieve benefits. Improved energy efficiency can in fact contribute to reduce global warming, conserve resources, cut costs and improve the productivity.
As company there is a way to reach seriously this important task: obtaining the certification ISO 50001 (in Europe over 10.000 organizations are certified of which only 500 in France).
The ISO 50001 guides companies, whatever is their business sector, in the implementation of an operational management system of the energy which will allow them to make the best use of this one.
MBF aluminum aware of its responsibilities, decided to move towards ISO 50001 in an approach of rationalization of its consumptions and energy expenditure and with the objective to obtain it in the first quarter 2017.
” We have an ambitious objective “, commented Gianpiero Colla, Vice-president Exécutive of MBF Aluminum. ” Decrease of at least 8% in 3 years the global consumption of energy of our company. Because we want to protect our future by making a positive difference. The obtaining of the certification and the application of this standard are priority objectives for MBF which makes collectively a commitment to realize the necessary actions for the reduction of the consumptions, to follow the efficiency of these actions and to bring the information, the training and the necessary resources to manage this challenge and to make it live durably ».

MBF Aluminium, is part of CMV Group. It is one of the leading European specialists in high pressure die-casting, machining and assembling of aluminium parts in large series for automotive industry. It occupies a building area of 31.600 sqm and employs 283 people in its two plants of Plan d’Acier and Etables. It counts on 34 High Pressure Die Casting Machines and on 46 CNC machining centers. It produces an average of 4 million pieces a year. Recently it gives itself the opportunity to buy directly part of the need of its raw material with the entry in CMV Aluminium Group by the aluminium refiner Affinage d’Aluminium Prémery SAS (ex SNR / Sobral).

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