Casting and machining around you

“This award reaffirms our ability and our investment in innovation and global service for our customers. It is a tribute to the employees who continue to make of this factory an excellent site. For MBF Aluminum, this award is a great achievement and it is the recognition of the efforts and hard work of all its employees.”

This was the first reaction of Gianpiero COLLA, Executive Vice-President of MBF Aluminum, awarded on 12 July 2017 for the third time the important PSA Peugeot Citroën Supplier Award in the Best Plant category (performance in the areas of quality, logistic, industrialization and quality in launches and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes).

Founded thirteen years ago, the Supplier Awards are given to suppliers who are fully committed to their relationship with PSA Peugeot Citroën during the year and responded most effectively to the Group’s expectations through their performances (70 industrial sites, 5% of the Group’s suppliers).

The year 2017 will remain a pivotal year for this flagship of the Jura industry. Indeed, on 31 March 2017, MBF Aluminum was certified ISO 50001 (one of the first in France in the profession), committing to decrease by at least 8% in 3 years, with equivalent production, energy of the company.

This distinction was already a welcome addition to the investment of all, in improving performance and respecting their environment.

The second semester will see the arrival of new presses, new projects and constant development.

This will strengthen even more the motivation and involvement of the 280 employees of MBF ALUMINUM !